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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Monistat 7: Miconazole Nitrate for hair growth...

I've been doing some research on this product for a while before making the decision to apply it to my scalp as a helpful growth aide.

Its called miconazole nitrate the active ingredient in Monistat 7 and Jock itch creams. The theory is that it aids in growth because its an anti fungal. As a result, hair grows from a healthy scalp. I try and do things to optimize my hair growth. So I purchased some MN as pictured on the left and made a scalp recipe.

I mixed 1/2 tube of Monistat 7 with:
1/2 teaspoon of Coconut oil
1/2 teaspoon of Castor oil
A few drops of Avocado oil

I clarified my hair 1st with a gentle sulfate shampoo and when my hair was done airdrying...I parted my hair in sections and applied it to my scalp.

I did this for 2 weeks straight and by the end of the 2nd week, I had 1/2 inch of New Growth! 1/2 inch of NG is the average per month and I obtained it in 2 weeks! I figure that if I keep on using it I can get 1 - 1/2 inches per month -- which ultimately optimizes my hair growth. For me, I've seen results in how quickly my new growth came in.

I've also read in forums that because Miconazole Nitrate is so drying you need to be sure to really moisturize your hair often so that it won't dry out. Well I moisturize and seal daily anyway, so I can retain length on my ends while my hair is growing out.

But I find that remaining consistent is key in continuously growing hair with Miconazole Nitrate. Thankfully, I have NOT suffered the headaches that some women were dealing with with they applied it to their scalp. I think there are a couple different reasons I didn't get headaces. One, I diluted it with all natural oils. Two, I used only the 2% MN, instead of the stronger 4% formula. I talked with my doctor and he gave me the okay to use it as long as it's not long-term. He advised me to use it no more than 2 months at a time and then take a break. I also talked in detail to the pharmacist who told me that it's fine to use topically on scalp and that I could even mix it with a little Capsaisin cream if I want to for additional benefit. Because the Capsaisin increases scalp circulation. Capsaisin is also found in Cayenne pepper!

I don't have anything bad to say about this product. My view is that if us ladies put dangerous chemicals from perm on our head...Miconazole Nitrate cannot be much worse. Plus, the MN goes up inside the body for those who use it for the intended purpose, so what harm can it do when used topically on the scalp? JMO.

Please consult your doctor before trying this.


NANCYXO said...

interesting. =D


Stacey Sharp said...

This product helps to grow hair faster.


♥ Hair Care Diaries ♥ said...

Hi Stacey! I can't say that everyone else would get results in using this product. The idea behind this treatment is that the anti-fungal works on the scalp to increase hair growth by killing fungus living on the scalp that potentially slows hair growth or blocks the follicles. I haven't used this method in a while, but if you try it and get results, do share!

honeybunni said...

Hi! I just came across your blog on Google after I started a regimen of MN on my hair as well. I saw some YouTube postings about how it made hair grow and decided to give it a try 2 weeks ago. I already have bra-strap length type 3b/c Black unrelaxed color treated hair. My edges seemed to have been thinning out a bit lately, so I decided this couldn't hurt. I use the following mix:

*1 tube of MN 2%

*Tropic Isle Living Jamaican Black Castor Oil(made with ash, so the sulfur kills dandruff yaay!)

*A few drops of Peppermint Oil(stimulates roots/opens pores)

*Cayenne Pepper

I put this on my scalp overnite once per week, tie my hair up, then I wash it out the next morning. After 2 weeks, I have noticed 1/2 inch of new growth all across my scalp. I no longer have dandruff at all(which I had a major problem with before). I see a major difference around my edges. Where all the rest of my hair has been straightened out, my edges are 1/2 inch of curly hair and much denser hair which means new growth! I only use Morrocanoil or Argan Oils(emu oils) on my hair to keep it moisturized because it doesn't weigh the hair down and gives excellent shine. I've had no headaches nor other side effects either. The Black Castor Oil seems to be an effective and very thick carrier oil. (Black Castor Oil is much too thick to put on the scalp daily, you have to wash it out). I can't wait to see how long my hair grows over the next 2 months!

RawGlam ♥ a.k.a Hair Care Diaries ♥ said...

Hi Honeybunni!
Sounds like you've created a powerful growth aide. Some ppl experience scalp irritation from using JBCO and others don't. The benefits of the JBCO are great because it's a humectant that draws moisture into the hair AND it cleanses toxins out of the scalp that could slow your hair growth.

The cayenne pepper is supposed to encourage circulation to the scalp, which helps to stimulate hair growth. I've used it in the past and mixed it with a light carrier oil & applied it to my scalp. Right away I could feel a tingling sensation on my scalp!

I'm sure the peppermint oil is very soothing and cooling on the scalp. That's a plus!

Thanks for sharing and let me know how much hair growth you achieve using your growth aide!

honeybunni said...

Progress Update: Hi again! Ok, so it been almost 5 1/2 weeks that I've been using my mixture on my hair once weekly(MN7, Cayenne Pepper, Peppermint Oil, and Jamaican Black Castor Oil in an overnite cap). I have seen over 2 entire inches of new growth! I've updated my photo yesterday so that you can see. Because of the way that I'm twisted to the side, you can't tell, but my hair now comes slightly below my bra strap(maybe 8-9 inches below my chin). I've noticed it more because when I sit back in a chair, I actually lean on my hair now and it usually jerks my head back. Believe it or not, the photo taken was just after I had clipped my ends. The mixture is DEFINITELY working, so I'm gonna keep using it to see just how long I can get it. Also, I've stopped the hair coloring. Although I love the auburn color, it's very damaging to my hair.

For the naysayers who think that using Monistat 7 on your head will lead to cancer: I would imagine that using it internally full strength daily for 7 days would give you cancer much more quickly than using it on your head in an oil carrier at a weaker strength several times a week, lol.

Ms. B said...

Hi you guys, I was reading the blog. Because I want to grow my hair a lot longer than it is already. My hair is a little pass my shoulders but I want it longer, do you put the potion on every day or just a couple days out of the week.

Thanks, Ms.B

shaz said...

I'm just about to use this and im quite excited about it. I use Mira Hair oil and have been using it for over a year now, but im intriged to see if this works faster!
[url="http://mirahairoil.co.uk"]eck out Mira Hair Oil here![/url]

Juzee said...

Hey Ladies,
I am a newbie, I transitionned for about 4 months and just got my bc this last January. I have noticed that even after my bc that my crown was still empty, instead of growing my hair was thinning. I was doing some research and found the MN procedure. I am so desperate for my hair to grown that I hurried to get my MN 2%. Yesterday was my first try :) I am praying that I works for me.
I kept my mixture simple:
-about 1tbs of evoo
-the tube of MN
-and little bit of tea tree oil
-and about 1tbs of Hair fertilizer of Organic Root Stimulator
And that's it. I hoping it works.
I'll keep you update.
Thanks for sharing your secrets
Be blessed

Juzee said...

I suffer from a lot of damage in my hair, so I went natural (got my bc this last January). But I still have my crown empty; well instead of growing, my hair is actually thinning on my crown area. Ive been dealing with that for about1 year and a half. still no satisfying result. So yesterday I went ahead and get my MN 2%, and I am praying that it works for me, if not... I don't know what I can come up with. I actually keep my MN simple:
-about a tbs of evoo
-a little bit of Hair fertilizer (root stimulator)
-a little bit of tea tree oil
-and evidently the whole tube of MN

I am hoping it works for, cuz I am in desperate need for that work :-(
I will keep you update...

Danielle Denis said...

Ok so I started the monistat process and I also use the carrier oils it's been one month exactly I can honestly say this stuff really works I only use it three times a week and I just trace my scalp. Every Sunday I get a doobie and even the woman who does my hair has asked me what am I doing because for those who know what doobies are I was using really small rollers and now I have moved up to size rollers thats two times bigger from what I started with! I'm so excited about my journey by the end of August I will stop and for the month of September I will take a break and the continue my process in October !

JBelle26 said...

Hi ladies,
I want to try MN but I'm a tad bit apprehenscious. My biggest concern is how will my hair react after or during my relaxer. Have anyone experience this part yet? Also, do you apply the MN daily or every other day?

Thanks :)

JBelle26 said...

How does it affect your hair after relaxers/touch ups/perms?

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