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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hawaiian Silky Moroccan Argan Oil

This wonderful line of Argan oil products has finally launched, and I was blessed to receive a few sample packets of the Hawaiian Silky Moroccan Argan Oil beforehand.

The Hawaiian Silky Moroccan Argan Oil is formulated as a healing oil treatment. It's derived from pure Argan oil. It doesn't contain alcohol or parabens. It's designed to benefit all hair types and it smells so delightful!

Benefits of Argan Oil:

  • Hydrates the hair with moisturizing properties
  • Enhances elasticity of the hair
  • Contains antioxidants that repairs damaged hair
  • Contains Omega 3 & Omega 9 which strengthens the internal structure of hair

Apply ample amount of Healing oil treatment through damp or dry hair for incredibly smooth and shiny hair. Style as desired. FOR ULTRA CONDITIONING TREATMENT: Mix a small amount of healing oil treatment to Intense Repair Hair Mask and leave on for 5 to 7 minutes. No heat is required for processing. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and style as desired. 

My thoughts on this product:
After moisturizing my hair as step 1, I've been using a dime-sized amount of the Hawaiian Silky Argan Oil to seal my ends. This oil has a very light consistency, as it does NOT weigh my hair down. It immediately penetrated into my hair to lock in the hydration from my moisturizer. The added benefit is that it adds additional moisturizing properties which is not commonly found in oils, other than coconut oil.

I have also used this Argan oil by adding a quarter size amount to deep condition my hair (after shampooing). Once I applied this oil to my hair, I covered it with a plastic cap & added my heat cap for about 20 minutes. After rinsing my hair, I allowed my hair to air dry. My hair was noticeably softer and produced a nice shine. My hair was easily detangled thus making it easier to manage once it air-dried. I also noticed that my hair still felt hydrated and there was no need for me to add additional moisturizers, because the Argan oil did the job! Also, it left my hair smelling so nice!

Cost = n/a
Absolutely love it, staple = ❤❤❤

For more convenience check out their website at:


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